(GMP and NPOP certified Enzymes and Microbial cultures for Effluent treatment)


We offer a wide range of ready to use Bio Augmentation technology molecules for waste water management, which helps to improve bio degradation and inturn allow for more organic loads to be treated.


  • Performance improvement of ETP.
  • Stabilization of ETP in case of shock loads.
  • Reduction in commissioning time for ETP.
  • 90% BOD and COD reduction can be achieved.
  • Color reduction.
  • Improved MLSS development.
  • Assured results in short span of time.
  • Safe environmental friendly.


SeptoSplash-RS is an unique enzyme formulation with selected strains of Bacilli species which inturn produces endospores upon starvation. A novel bio augmentation technology for sewage treatment plant (STP). It helps to degrade the sludge in the digestor inturn helps in getting the clear water.


  • High concentrated formula .
  • Maximum odour elimination.
  • Effective sludge removal.
  • Prevent backups.
  • Never stops working.
  • Improved MLSS development.
  • Can withstand toxic shock loads.
  • Safe environmental friendly.